About Us


LOOK OVER is a brand of GS Consulting, a company that was born from a friendship that dates back to 1975. The friendship 2 partners, in fact, is born in the school benches. Old stories seen several times but the solidity, the correctness of the relationships, the constant contact, despite each of them taking separate paths, has never ceased.

Suddenly a spark, the idea of creating something that can leave a mark in the future, with the same desire of having fun but this time in something more challenging that is called work.

Both have achieved their successes, one in the professional sector, the other in the commercial sector, playing roles of great decision-making responsibilities, always aiming to succed and with the desire to do, without batting an eyelid in the face of commitments and time flowing inexorably.

First Years

In 2015 the company was born, with the aim of alleviating the problems that many companies encounter in everyday life, namely commercial and financial management, thus making available a series of human resources that, over the years, the two partners have built around them managing relationships with respect, friendship and continuous confrontation, values that have been appreciated by those who have collaborated and collaborate with the company today.

Towards the end of 2016 another spark is coming, the two partners know a group of young guys, with the same desire and determination, the same desire to build the future, the same desire to ride the wave of success, and the same desire to do. Those are the founders of D1 Milano, all young guys with a surprising entrepreneurial mindset, and with a mental openness projected to the most modern means of communication and marketing. A synergy is born between experience, brand new techniques and ideas of the latest generation that is transformed into a single concept: success.


The determination, experience and perseverance of the members are the elements of a rapid ascent in a new sector compared to their knowledge, and after just two years of work and dedication GS Consulting has about 300 customers, jeweljewels among the most important of the Italian territory, offering:

  • logistics service in Milanese Area
  • transport services operated by an industry-leading company
  • guaranteed express delivery
  • national sales network (more than 300 retailers)
  • Milan headquarters and service centre for the centre-north
  • branch in Naples and service center for the centre-south

The brands marketed by GS Consulting today are five, besides D1 Milan, have arrived Iron Annie, Zeppelin, Yunik and Kyomo. The concept of the company is distinguished in characteristics that are the basis of success and durability over time, it translates into terms that are: constant presence, assistance, fairness in relationships and above all respect for the Clientele.